What Happens to Expired Poker Chips?

poker chip set

Did you know that poker chips expire? As with many other things in life, poker chips do in fact have an expiration date. This expiration date is determined not by freshness, as with food, but by the wishes of casino bosses. This date can be as short as a few months or as long as…read more

Game Room Organization

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There is nothing like a game room to bring the whole family together. From billiards to board games, air hockey to poker, you can fill this space with entertainment options that will please everyone in the house, not to mention everyone’s friends as well. There is just one thing that you should bear in mind…read more

The Role of Gender In Poker Infographic

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Embed This InfographicCopy and paste the code bellow to get this infographic onto your website or blog. The Role of Gender In Poker – An infographic by the team at Discount Poker ShopThe Role of Gender In Poker When you picture a group of people around a poker table, chances are good that the tableau…read more

Poker Chip Materials: Which One Should You Choose?

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Poker is a game enjoyed by many people across the United States. While some choose to play the game in a casino environment, others choose to play at home with friends and family. The first poker “chips” were made from gold pieces and coins. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the first clay…read more

Top Poker Supplies Needed to Throw Your Own Casino Night

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Hosting a casino night that every attendee will remember takes some planning. The list of poker supplies needed will include the customary items including a table, poker chips, and cards. The usual fare of food and drink also makes the list. However, to reach the status of notable will require a bit of splash with…read more

Tips for Protecting Your Hand in Poker

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When you’re playing poker, it’s important to protect your hand if you expect to win. While the phrase may sound relatively self-explanatory, it has several different meanings.Avoid the Snatcherwock, My SonDuring the course of a game, the dealer can become distracted and sweep live cards into the muck, which consists of all dead cards and…read more

Poker Table Etiquette

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Poker is a great way to pass the time. Whether you are playing for fun with your friends, or for the thrill of winning big at the casinos, it is important to understand proper poker table etiquette. We will go over some important poker table etiquette guidelines that everyone should know.Don’t Try to Play Out…read more

Boost Your Child’s Confidence by Playing Cards

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Playing cards is not just for adults. Kids also enjoy and actually benefit from this activity with a myriad of cognitive and social advantages. Once parents understand what they are, this will become a regularly scheduled family time. Quality time does not look the way it used to with the advent of 21st century technology.…read more

Learn to Play Poker Like the Pros

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Poker is one of the most popular card games in America and the world today. Professional players operate in casinos, but that doesn’t have to discourage you from playing at home. Some people wouldn’t be comfortable in the fast-paced environment of a casino and simply want to have a good time with friends. Whether you…read more

Tips for Buying a Poker Table

Tips for Buying a Poker Table

Whether you only play poker occasionally with a group of friends or consider yourself to be a certified fanatic of the game, purchasing a poker table can be a great idea. Before you jump at the first one you see and close the deal, take some time to do your homework. The following guide gives…read more