Guide To Using Poker Chip Infographic

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Embed This InfographicCopy and paste the code bellow to get this infographic onto your website or blog. Guide To Using Poker Chip – An infographic by the team at Discount Poker ShopThe History of PokerPoker evolved from a combination of several different games over the course of more than 1,000 years. These “pre-poker” games used…read more

How to Make Your Man Cave Feel Like a Casino

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Do you enjoy the occasional hand of poker? It may be time to turn your man cave or other den into a casino. Whether it is for an enhanced casino night experience or for a festive place to play poker on a regular basis, you will enjoy that hand more when your space is spruced…read more

Make Your Own Custom Poker Chips For Any Event

Make Your Own Custom Poker Chips For Any Event

If you love playing poker, chances are good that a large part of your romance with the game involves the fancy chips that represent the cash you contribute to the kitty. What could be more rewarding than being the proud owner of a massive stack of chips? Whether you just stare at them, shuffle them…read more

Poker Chip Sets for Serious Poker Players

Poker Chip Sets for Serious Poker Players

For poker enthusiast, the poker chip set is the calling card of a serious player. Consummate players have custom made sets with a variety of emblems, markings, and colors. Chips come in a variety of weights that add to their luster and feel and are crafted by several different types of materials. Some brands are…read more

Start Poker Night Right With All The Beginner Accessories You Need

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Taking up poker can be fun and exciting, especially when playing at home with friends, but it’s hard to know exactly what accessories you need, especially if you’re a beginner. Cards and chips are essential, but what about a table and some dice? And what if it needs to be taken on the go? A…read more

Nine Things to Make Your Poker Night a Ten Out of Ten

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Nothing says guy’s night like a six pack and a few rounds of Texas Hold’em. Whether you’re a verified tournament hosting pro or a poker playing newbie looking to practice your game with some friends, here are some essentials you’ll need to host the perfect poker night. The BasicsIf you’re new to poker hosting, here…read more

How To Store Your Poker Chips

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Any self respecting poker game has to have some poker chips. They keep a game straight and make it easier to sum up. Even their texture adds to the feel of a card game. Many pieces have become collector’s items. Because of the material they are made of or the history they represent, some chips…read more