Poker Chip and Poker Table Questions

Poker Chip and Poker Table Questions - FAQs

  1. Can I change the colors or denominations in a poker set?
    All of the sets we carry are prepackaged this way and can not be changed. This allows us to offer the lowest price to our customers. If you would like to order custom colors, we carry most of our designs in our loose poker chips category in rolls of 25.
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  2. Do you carry 1000 piece sets that are not 2 x 500 piece sets?
    We currently do not carry 1000 piece sets because each 500 piece poker set weighs an average of 20 pounds making it too heavy to carry in one hand for most people. We recommend storing and carrying poker sets in 500 piece sets. For those that would like to store them in one case, we do carry 1000 pc poker chip cases and carriers that can be purchased separately.
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  3. Are all the designs on the center of the poker chip stickers?
    Yes, all of the designs we carry with a design or denomination in the center are a sticker. The chips are designed with a recessed center to accommodate a sticker and are held in place with a high strength adhesive that should not peel off during normal use.
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  4. What's the difference between clay, composite, and plastic chips?
    Please read our FAQ page on Clay vs Composite Poker Chips.
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