The Ultimate Poker Chip Case

Heavy duty poker chip cases

Ever since the poker craze started getting popular back in the early 2000’s with the World Series of Poker and online poker sites, almost everyone we know had a 500pc poker set at home. The poker chips were held in a silver aluminum case and the inner chip rows were made of plastic or thin pieces of wood. When the case was full of poker chips, the case weighed almost 20 lbs. The weight put a lot of stress on the handle and latches.

We have heard from customers that they loved the poker chips but would always complain about the poker chip case being too weak. We asked our suppliers to build a stronger case but cost and development fees would price the poker sets too high. We did make some improvement to the existing case by having stronger handles and thicker inner chip trays.

Back in 2015, we started searching for suppliers who could help us build the ultimate poker chip case. After researching many manufacturers and buying multiple samples to test, we finally found the right partner to help build, in our opinion, the best poker case in the market. After several months of testing and modifying, we finally came up with two cases, the 500pc heavy duty poker chip case and the 1000pc heavy duty poker chip case.

The new poker chip cases are completely different from your standard case. The aluminum material is thicker. We reinforced the corners with aluminum bumpers. We used latches normally used in heavy duty tool cases. The inner chip tray is completely made of solid wood that is machined to hold the poker chips securely. The handle is larger and has a rubber lining for comfort. Also the overall thickness of the case is almost double of a standard poker case.

After finalizing the design of the case, the cost of each case went up a lot. Just the case alone costs more than some of our complete poker sets with poker chips and accessories. We planned to use these cases for all of our poker sets but ultimately decided to sell it as an accessory to keep costs down.

Currently, the two poker cases have been selling for over two years and we have received extremely positive reviews. Most buyers posted that they were hesitant because the case alone costs more than a complete poker set, but once they received it, they were very happy with the purchase. One of the funniest reviews from a customer said, “Strong enough to carry the Nuke Codes.”

3 responses to “The Ultimate Poker Chip Case”

  1. Snoopy says:

    Strong enough to carry the Nuke Codes.”

  2. Rob says:

    I do think these Versa cases are much better than typical cases or any others I can find, but the issue with them is that 39mm chips do not fit in them properly. There is no space between each row of chips and in most cases adjacent rows of chips cannot both properly sit down in the “cup.” If two rows are full of chips with one empty row in between, when you put chips in the empty row in the middle, those chips do not settle down in the “cup.” If you then pull chips out from one of the other rows, the chips in the middle will then fall down in the “cup.” This makes it difficult to pull chips out and will cause wear on the edges of the chips over time. Not what you would want if you buy more expensive chips or chips with text on the edge. Great case, but needs a slight redesign to allow proper space for the chips.

    • discountpokershop says:

      Thank you for the feedback. Do you have a measurement of the chip you are trying to fit into the case? The size of poker chips varies on the design so we try to size it somewhere in the middle but some manufacturer’s chips are larger than others.

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