Horseshoe Poker Chips

When buying poker chips without denominations, we get asked what colors are for what value. Technically speaking, any color can stand for any value, as long as it is defined ahead of time and everybody playing knows what color is what value. The advantage to chips without denominations is that the value can be changed to anything so it is versatile for all different types of games where lower or higher values might be necessary.

We looked through all the chips we carry with denominations on Discount Poker Shop and these are the colors we found:

  • $0.25 - Brown
  • $0.50 - Gray
  • $1 - Gray, White
  • $5 - Red
  • $10 - Light Blue
  • $25 - Green
  • $50 - Blue
  • $100 - Black
  • $500 - Purple
  • $1000 - Yellow
  • $5000 - Pink
  • $10000 - Orange

Another thing to note about poker chips with denominations is that some designs we carry do not have a dollar sign. These poker chips are very versatile because they can be used for different currencies and values. For instance, you could use it for Euros instead of Dollars, or use the 100 chip to mean 100 pennies, the possibilities are many.

In summary, any color can be used for any value on poker chips without denominations but if you would like a guideline on what colors to use for what values, use the list above. Poker chip colors seem to be pretty consistent across different brands and designs so following the same colors as denominated poker chips may help keep everyone from getting confused.