roman times poker chip

Today we wanted to highlight and provide some insight into the Roman Times True Clay Poker Chips. We always love hearing feedback from our customers. One the many things we hear frequently are how hard it is to distinguish poker chips when stacked because of distracting edge marks and how to get "real clay" poker chips. So with that as our goal, we began the design process.

Create a simple design edge mark

Whether the dimly lit room makes it hard to see or your opponent tries to use it as an advantage by mixing different color chips together, it can sometimes be hard to distinguish chips from across a poker table. By utilizing a simple two color design and wide bands of color, we created a poker chip that still retains the look of a classic poker chip while being easy to identify when stacked.

True feel and weight of a casino poker chip

"True clay" arguably one of the most overly used misnomers when talking about poker chips. If you really created a poker chip out of 100% clay, it would be very brittle and not very practical for everyday use. The formulations of modern day poker chips are all a mixture of composites. To figure it out, we tested many different formulations and chip surface textures. The end result is a poker chip with a very similar feel to a casino poker chip. The tolerances on the chip are very tight and the edges are sharp just like a real casino poker chip is when new. For the weight, to match a true casino poker chip, it needed to be around 8-10 grams per chip. To be honest, we did not focus too much on this aspect but after designing the chip to match the feel, we weighed in at 9.5 grams, right in the sweet spot for a casino poker chip.

In summary, the Roman Times True Clay Poker Chip is the closest you can get to a true casino chip that will not break the bank. Try some for yourself and let us know what you think!