Start Poker Night Right With All The Beginner Accessories You Need

Taking up poker can be fun and exciting, especially when playing at home with friends, but it’s hard to know exactly what accessories you need, especially if you’re a beginner. Cards and chips are essential, but what about a table and some dice? And what if it needs to be taken on the go? A set of chips can’t be easy to carry by hand. Luckily, there are packages that offer more than just the basics to get any beginner started!

For players only looking for a for Texas Hold’em set, we offer a 300 Poker Chips with Texas Hold’em Folding Table Top package. It comes with the very basics – two decks of cards, 300 chips in five different colors, five red dice and a rectangular wooden folding table top covered in casino quality green felt. The table folds out to be 78.5″ to 36″ and seats eight, offering each player a built in tray so they can store their chips and place a drink.

texas holdem poker combo package

When not in use, the table folds back into a svelte 36″ by 27″ for easy storage. There are two chip options – Suited and Dice. The Suited option features the four card suits twice along the outside ring. The Dice option shows the six sides of a typical die along the outside ring instead. If 300 chips aren’t enough, there are also 500 chip sets available with the same set up and chip options.

Regardless of which set you buy, all chips, dice, and playing card decks fit inside a new designed, reinforced aluminum case with heavy duty hinges and a sponge lining to keep all items safe and intact. The table also comes with a bag of its own – a heavy duty nylon one with two straps for traveling with ease.

For those players also interested in a night of Blackjack, there are 300 and 500 chip poker sets available with a Folding 2-in-1 Poker/Blackjack Table Top. These wooden tops are covered in the same casino quality felt as the Texas Hold’em Folding Table Top but instead fold out into a 4′ by 4′ octagonal shape with each corner offering a built in tray for easy chip and drink storage. This table folds up to ‘2 by 4′ and comes with a similar heavy duty nylon bag as the Texas Hold’em Table for easy carrying and storage.

buy blackjack poker set

Whether the poker night is big or small, these poker combo packages offer all the basics any player needs to get the game started right! With cards, chips, dice, and table, anyone can pick up and play, especially with the materials so easy to take on the go. Now that everything’s available in one play, it’s not a matter of how to get started, but when.

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